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Everything is made up of chemicals

Utsav Agrawal
Utsav Agrawal
Look at all those chemicals in there” what’s your point? Everything is made up of chemicals, in this infographic, you can see how many chemicals a banana have. When it comes to food preservatives and food additives, they are extensively studied  by the various global organization then get approved for human consumption

 I am in no way advocating consuming large amounts of heavily processed foods as they are very easy to over-consume and often devoid of essential vitamins and minerals. However, we need to stop hand waving about “harmful” chemicals. Artificial sweeteners or preservatives are not "toxic" and are not inherently bad but the higher dosages can be detrimental to health. You should try to keep your diet overall containing more of minimally processed food but shouldn't fear the processed food

Adherence, habits, behavior change, self-monitoring, these are the important things that sustainable weight loss, healthy lifestyle, `and longevity. Also note, if you eat enough apple seeds you will die this doesn’t mean that apples are “toxic” does it?. Remember moderation is the key.

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