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Omkar kamthe
Omkar kamthe

Often I have seen many people starting their fitness journey with a full swing, but eventually quit in between because of various reasons.

The one out of which is setting a wrong goal and trying to finish in a hurry.

I can totally understand, everyone wants to look fit and sexy in very less span of time, but it's not going to happen overnight. Things will take time and for sustainable results, you need to start early, proceed slowly and reach safely towards your goals.

Just because you have your family function or a party to attend in coming weeks doesn't mean you will rush towards your goals with all sort of wrong approaches and gain all the weight what you have lost later.

Let's take a look at the infographics,

X = Easy goal
This goal can be achieved with your little effort. 

Y = Moderate level goal or little difficult goal to achieve, this takes good amount of effort.

Z = Difficult goal 
This goal takes a lot of efforts, hard work, and struggle.

If you try to jump from 'X to Z' you simply cannot sustain because it's a long jump and you definitely fall off in between, you are not used to the effort and hard work it needs, the consistency it takes and eventually it will be so difficult that you will just quit the task.

So what's the right way,

Start from Zero to X
At this duration, you slowly understand:

-How to achieve these small goals? 
-What kind of effort does it need?
-How you should maintain consistency while achieving these goals? 
-How long it takes to see those results? 
-How does your body respond at this duration?

After you are aware of these things, you can take a small step ahead from X to Y ( Easy goal to moderate goal setting ) and keep improving day by day in all aspects.

So the bottom line is, 

You are not a long jump athlete competing in Olympics so avoid taking long jumps when it comes to achieving your goals, things will take time but definitely you will be stronger with your consistency, with your lifestyle, with your adherence, with your mindset and achieve your goals at one point of time with perfection. What else you need?

So how do you manage to take your jumps? 🧐