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22.5 hour Day - Solution to lack of motivation

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In my experience of consultancy, and even in general, I have seen people saying multiple times, that 'I am not motivated enough to go to the gym' or 'After my hectic day at work, it was very hard to hit the gym and cook' or 'Cooking with a child awake is just impossible'.

Are these just excuses to avoid an exercise routine/ diet ? No. I do not think so. Yes a better time management can resolve the issues, I believe in that 100%. However, I won't say that such person is just lazy. It is just priority setting is never been paid attention to. Some people tend to manage it so well, right ? Lets take examples of mentors. Some of them are even doing jobs and taking care of their clients successfully. They do manage dieting and exercising. Some of them are working with INFS and SQUATS offline centers too, still they tend to manage everything so well even after working so hard. How come they do that and you do not ? You know why ? Because it has become inseparable part of their routine and they can not stay without it. They definitely have better motivation. The environment around them, their SQUATS mates are always talking/living/hearing about fitness. So it is easy for us to stay motivated. Now the methods that mentors use can not be successful in every case, Why ? 1. Mentors live in a different environment compared to most of you. 2. All of them are extremely passionate about fitness. Whereas, you are looking for 'yaar bas ye 10 kg ghat jaye' You do not have such amazing frequent source of motivation available. And whatever you have, subconsciously you do not even wish to use any such source. Let me give you an example, actually let me ask you few questions - you will understand my point. 1. Mentees often report their cheat after they are done with it, they do not report the will to cheat before ! 2. It is not really difficult to scroll in this group/ Fittr and read few transformation stories everyday to give yourself some external motivation. But people are still skipping gym and blaming lack of motivation. 3. You know this article is giving you a way to face the problem you have at hand, but the reality is you mostly have skipped few lines because of no reason whatsoever.. So, how can you achieve the same dedication and what method can you use ? - '22.5 hour Day Theory' Decide from now on-wards that you have 22.5 hours in a day and not 24 hours. 1.5 hr is reserved for exercise and cooking. 45 mins of exercise and 45 mins for cooking. (You can also do 22 hr or 21 hr a day). Rest of the 22.5 hours is when you will work, get entertained, attend functions, and gossip blah blah... But these 1.5 hours are always reserved for exercise/ cooking. The main issue that a normal job goer faces is, they do not have health on their priority list. You don't really have to feel extremely motivated to go to gym. Rather see it as a duty and necessity. Let me give you an example : If you have a tiffin today which doesn't have your favorite sabzi, you will still eat it, right ? May be you will eat 2 chapatis rather than 3. But you never skip it. You know why - A meal is in your priority list. You do not and can not miss it. All the people ('I am not motivated enough to go to the gym' or 'After my hectic day at work, it was very hard to hit the gym and cook' or 'Cooking with a child awake is just impossible'.) of these categories, do not miss meals. Hunger is a motivation to eat, thirst is a motivation to drink. Will to live longer should be a motivation to be fit. Because if source of motivation is 'realization of its absolute long term need' it will be everlasting. If source is a youtube video - well good luck to you ! Check list to achieve the same : A. Is my goal short term ? - If yes, then reorient it to long term. Rather than saying I want to lose 10 kgs, orient it to I want to lose 10 kgs of fat, maintain it and get even fitter and live longer. Live by it using above. Or you will gain all the weight back in about 5 years. If you have lost it faster, then may be sooner that that. (There is a plenty of research on this) B. Am I completely dependent on someone for motivation ? - If yes, educate yourself and let your source of motivation be yourself and your long life. C. Education - The more educated you become, more aware you become. This group, Fittr, your Mentor and INFS are good sources. - Thank you INFS Scholars. I have been telling this to many since long time but when I used it in one of my seminars, everyone loved this point and everyone was pretty surprised to know the same. I never wrote about this because it looked obvious to me.It is just logic and nothing too complex. 'Motivation exists ! But it is an effort, not a luxury.' Thank you and good night.

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