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Omkar kamthe
Omkar kamthe

So we have lots of super-fit moms and dads in our group, first of all, a huge kudos to them for inspiring thousands of lives.

Often I have seen many families with their bad eating habits and personally being unfit, not taking care of their body and just being busy with the office schedule and professional life.

You need to understand, all these habits create a bad impact on the kid's lifestyle and that's the major reason for child obesity which gradually can lead to diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

It's truly said, children learn from what you are than what you teach.
If you are fit, you will make them fit, it's as simple as that.

How to take care of their nutrition:

• There's absolutely no need to force your children with thousands of restrictions. 
• Try to educate them with the difference between healthy clean food and junk food.
• Once in a while, allow them to cherish their favorite foods like icecreams, pastries, candies, etc.
• You don't need to keep them on any kind of diet, just a balanced diet with a combination of proteins, fats, carbs, fibers is enough.

Some tips about their exercises.

• Try to engage them in some extracurricular activities like ( swimming, any particular sports, etc)
• You can also add some core strengthening exercises along with bodyweight exercises like step-ups, burpees, planks, pushups, squat jumps, etc. which will help to balance their activity levels.

So the bottom line is, 

All parents need to be fit with good eating habits. It's simple logic when you see the same thing happening around you every single day, you simply get habituated and make it a lifestyle.
Always remember, in the end, Happy healthy parents make happy healthy children.

What are your views on this? 😉