Travel Diaries - Part 4 || Travel Diet

Dr. aakash bansal
Dr. aakash bansal

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I have already covered the workouts that you can do while traveling.

For Chest and triceps - For Back and Biceps For Shoulder and Legs Now lets focus on the diet part. Everyone knows here about the Quantified diet or science behind calories intake, so I wont go into that detail. Lets see how can we plan a diet thats sustainable during our travel plans and also helps to complete our macros. Whenever you are travelling, always carry few basic items with you: 1. Whey protein or high protein bars (always check for carbs before buying protein bars) 2. Nuts like almonds, walnuts, dates 3. Multivitamins 4. A box of tissue paper ( I will explain why 😀) I am assuming that you have been following diet from sometime and thats why you are bothered to follow it while travelling also. So obviously you understand the cooked potions also that fit into your macros. So now whenever you are going out, prepare your diet with food items that you know will be easily available around you. Fit those items in your macros and control the potions. You cannot control the oil they will put into your food, but atleast you can limit the intake of your food item. For eg: if you have ordered a paneer tikka and those 5 pieces fit into your potion of macros, please have it but after soaking the extra oil with the tissue paper that you are carrying. Lets see which all items are easily available and can fit into our macros: Protein Sources - Whey or protein bar (you got from home); eggs and chicken - easily available; Milk, Curd, Cheese Slices (packed food); Paneer (if you have an option of paneer tikka and shahi paneer - choose wisely; you know which one to choose); Fish and mutton also at most of the places; Carbs Sources - Bread; Cooked Rice (you know how much you eat at home, so take the potion accordingly); Atta Roti; Dal/ Rajma/ Chhole (have protein also, but has high carbs) - Prefer dal without tadka to avoid extra oil; dry dates (remember you are carrying nuts from home); Potatoes; Banana; Fat Sources - Not a major issue because you are already taking high fat because of extra oil used in your food; For clean sources - Almonds, walnuts, eggs (with yolk), cheese, paneer Fibre - Green Veggies; carry isabgol if you already got constipation issues Just stick to the basics of nutrition and managing diet while traveling wont be a major issue. Don't force it too much, its easy to follow if you will keep few things in check. Below is a sample diet for 2100 calories with the food items mentioned above. Please please please dont follow this, prepare a diet as per your calorie requirement. This is just a sample chart to practically explain everything. Have a safe trip!! - Dr. Aakash Bansal #Fittr #Bettr #Smarttr

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