Tips To Increase Overall Volume


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Exercise Science

INFS Faculty Anshul Dhamande shares tips to increase your overall volume.

Progressively increasing volume is the key for hypertrophy. This can be either done by increasing weight, reps or sets. But some people have very limits time for workouts. Hence to maximise the overall volume, you can add training techniques like - 1.Drop Sets - Perform an exercise and then drop (reduce) the weight & continue for more reps until you reach failure without rest in between. Ex - Bicep curl 10kg for 10 reps 7.5 kg for 8-10 reps 5 kg for 8-10 reps and then rest! 2.Super Sets - Perform those two exercise one after the other without rest. Ex - Just after leg extension is done don't rest, perform leg curl and then rest. 3.Antagonist Paired Sets - Perform two exercise consecutively without taking any rest between them but these exercises are antagonist to each other. #infs #exercisescience #dropsets #supersets #antagonistpairsets #hypertrophy #weighttraining

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