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Sharma Ji ka Beta lost 8 kgs in 12 weeks but why I lost only 4.5 😏

Dr. aakash bansal
Dr. aakash bansal
This is one of the most common concern raised by mentees at the end of 12 weeks, and to a point I believe its a genuine one. 

If you made same efforts; gave your 100%; was consistent with your diet and workout, why you didn't get the same results?

There is no rocket science behind it but some important factors that you forgot to consider while expecting same results.

I am sharing three different case studies with you, read carefully and understand why all three will get different results

Case 1:-
Sex - Male
Age - 35 Years
Weight - 95 kg
Location - Delhi
Occupation - 9-6 Job
Past Food Habits - Usual home cooked food and a bottle of scotch every week
Physical activity - Nil
BF% - 40

Case 2:-
Sex - Female
Age - 28 Years
Weight - 99 kg
Location - USA
Occupation - IT Job
Past Food Habits - completely dependent on fast food for all three meals; no alcohol
Physical activity - Nil
BF% - 37

Case 3:-
Sex - Male
Age - 48 Years
Weight - 64 kg
Location - Chennai
Occupation - Businessman
Past Food Habits - Home cooked food in all three meals; no alcohol; no sweets or fried food
Physical activity - Resistance training from last 3 years
BF% - 21

Now what do you think, who will lose 8-10 kgs in 12 weeks and who will lose 3-4 kgs only?
There are many things that matter when you start your journey.

1. Eating habits - If you were already taking balanced diet but not a quantified one, your body will respond differently to a person who used to drink alcohol or was dependent on fast food. Fat loss and weight loss will be more in case 1 and case 2
2. Age - what you can achieve at 25 will be difficult to achieve at 45. This doesn't mean it cannot be achieved, the only difference is the commitment, consistency and patience. Changing habits and lifestyle at an early age is comparatively easy.
3. Stress - This is one of the most important and ignored factor by many. All three cases are working professionals and how they manage the stress levels will define their journey. Your hormones, your TDEE, your sleep patterns, your muscle gains - everything gets affected when you are more stressed and thus your results are affected accordingly.
4. Body Fat% - Its easy to push a car from top of the mountain compared to the car standing in the middle of the road
5. Lifestyle - a complete beginner with no experience in resistance training will show fast results compared to a person with years of experience in lifting
6. Last but not the least - how consistent were you in following the diet and Workout? Did you actually made some lifestyle change or you managed to find out some excuses to deviate from your routine.

In all these cases, trainees had different vitals and stats but even for those cases where you find a person similar to your lifestyle and stats, you will still find difference in the transformation. Every person's journey is different, so stop comparing yourself to others. The basic message of transformation challenges is same.

Believe in yourself, commit to live a healthy lifestyle and strive for perfection 💪

Have a safe workout !!

- Dr. Aakash Bansal

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