Managing food cravings

Darren Smith
Darren Smith

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However good our intentions, when a food craving strikes it can be a real test of our willpower, especially if we are feeling a bit emotional or stressed and are in need of some comfort. Here are a couple of suggestions to help keep the cravings at bay:

• Don't go hungry - it'll just make things worse! Rather than avoid eating altogether, look to eat a healthier high-fibre snack in place of the unhealthy option that you crave. • Drink water - water is filling & can trick your body into thinking it's satisfied. • Find a distraction - go for a walk, have a swim, call a friend, listen to music, basically any activity to take your mind off your craving. • Chew some chewing gum - sugar-free chewing gum works for some people, just don't go overboard as too much will make you ill. • Brush your teeth - for some people, the minty fresh feeling in their mouth after cleaning their teeth seems to help get rid of cravings. • Reduce temptation - avoid buying the unhealthy food that you crave! If it is not readily available in your fridge or kitchen pantry, you are less likely to crave it. • Set a time limit - try holding off for 30 minutes and find something to distract you in the meantime. Chances are, the craving will have passed once the time's up. • Have a small portion - as a last resort, give in, but do it the smart way: have a small portion and reduce your calorie intake later to stay on track. If you have any other tricks for dealing with cravings, feel free to share!

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