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Omkar kamthe
Omkar kamthe

If you want to feel energetic throughout the day, you need to solve the problem at its root.

Often clients ask, can I have those energy drinks or some supplements or some medications which will boost my workouts and overall energy levels.

Answer to this is a big NO ❌

All these medications and energy drinks will just give you a temporary boost and will spike your energy levels for a couple of hours or even less, you cannot depend on these sources for a lifetime and once that boost goes you will feel tired again for the remaining hours.

There are multiple reasons you get tired always, some of them are:
1. Lack of sleep.
2. Mindless eating.
3. Weak body.
4. Stress levels.
5. Water intake.

All these problems need a solution and once you find those solutions, your so-called
 'ENERGY' will come back to you.

So don't worry about it just make :
1. Healthy choices.
2. Change your lifestyle.
3. Increase your water intake.
4. Try to reduce your stress levels, you can practice some meditation to control it.
5. Have a good sleep for about 7-8 hours per night.
6. Have a proper quantified structured diet as per your goals.
7. Workout, keep hustling every single day and maintain the consistency.

So how do you boost your energy levels? 😜