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Omkar kamthe
Omkar kamthe

When it comes to building muscles or losing fat, tracking your progress plays a very vital role.
This will help you in figuring out the things which you are doing wrong and can help you to progress in the long run be it nutrition or your training plans.

Here are the 4 best ways to track your progress.

1. Track your weight.

Always try to check your weight early morning empty stomach after your bowel movements. Avoid checking your weight randomly at any time of the day which can cause fluctuations in the scale, and depending on your goals you can manage your caloric intake. But remember don't rely on weight, it's just a number.

2. Track your measurements.

Tracking your measurements will help you to know if you are losing in inches or growing in inches depending on your goals. Always keep a track of your measurements on a weekly basis.
Holding a measuring tape is again very important, if you keep moving the tape every time you check, it can give you wrong measurements. 

3. Track your workouts.

Tracking your workout is another important factor which will help you to understand if your training volume in the gym is improving or stalling if your training volume is increasing that's a good sign for your progress.
Always keep a note of your workouts daily with a number of sets, repetitions, exercise performed for the day.
Try to maintain a small diary or note somewhere where you can easily access it daily.

4. Take progress pictures.

Always keep clicking pictures on a weekly basis in all angles ( front, back, sideways ) So once you compare them, it will help you to understand the visible difference in your body structure.

Following these things will help you to be on track and help you to rectify the errors if you are doing any mistakes with your workouts and nutrition.

So what's your way of tracking the progress? 😜