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Priyank Raghuvanshi
Priyank Raghuvanshi
Deltoid muscle is present at the outer part of your shoulder, it looks traingular in shape and consists of  3 parts - Anterior Deltoid, Middle Deltoid and Posterior Deltoid. It is important to hit all these 3 muscles when training your deltoid to achieve a good rounded shoulder  anatomy.

I have selected following workouts which targets all  3 deltoid muscles -

1. Barbell overhead press 

Muscles Worked ~ Anterior deltoid (highly worked) , middle deltoid and posterior deltoid 

2. Dumbell shoulder press

Muscles worked ~ upper chest, anterior, middle, posterior deltoid, traps, triceps

3. Dumbell side lateral raises 

Muscles Worked ~ Anterior deltoid  , middle deltoid and posterior deltoid, traps. 

4. Front dumbell lateral raises

Muscles Worked ~ Muscles worked ~ lateral deltoid, anterior deltoid, traps

Breathing technique ~ breath in at the start of the workout, complete your rep, come back to the starting position, breath out.