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Myths about peanut butter !!

Shobith K Menon
Shobith K Menon
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Myth 1 -> 

It will help you gain weight !! 

Fact : 🥜

Peanut butters are high in calories which is  true but being on calorie surplus helps you to gain weight not just by eating peanut butter !! 

Myth 2 - > 

Its good to add when you are on bulking phase !! 

Fact : 🥜

As I said it is high in calorie you can definitely add it but eating it alone would not lead to gaining of extra muscles !! 

Myth 3 -> 

You cannot add them when you are on a fat loss journey . 

Fact : 🥜

Well you can definitely add them !! If you can fit them in your macros . 

However its always good to add food which makes you feel fuller for longer tim  in your diet when on a fat loss Journey and adding peanut butter might not be that great idea . 

Myth 4 -> 

Peanut butter is healthy !! 

Fact: 🥜

Hmm we cannot say if peanut butter is healthy or not but no food in isolation can be stated as unhealthy or healthy .
what we know is they are high in calorie so if you are adding them in your diet add them moderately and only add them if you have control over them. 

Just for an idea a table spoon of peanut butter gives you almost 

Protein 8 gms = 8 * 4 = 32 cal 
Carbs 6 gms   = 6 * 4= 24 cal 
Fats 15 gms    = 15 * 9 = 135 cal 

Total calories 191 😕😕 just in one serving . 

So be careful while adding them !!

I hope the post was useful. 

Thank you and have a great week ahead.