Varying loading positions🏋️‍♂️

Yash kaushik
Yash kaushik

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Exercise Science

While performing lower body movements, loading positions also play a major role. Since the load is held with the upper body, alterations can be made to load positions. Different loading modifications can be used in different scenarios. Changing the loading position impedes on safety and effectiveness.

Symmetric loading - When the load is equally distributed on both sides. This is the oldest ways to load lower body movements. Asymmetric loading - This includes 2 loading methods, contralateral and ipsilateral. In contralateral loading, the load is carried on the opposite side of the working limb. However, during ipsilateral loading, the load is carried on the same side of the working limb. Anterior loading - In anterior loading, the load is held in front of the torso. Posterior loading - Load is held behind the torso. Yash Kaushik Fitness Coach

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