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Lets break some traditional myths !! 😁

Shobith K Menon
Shobith K Menon

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Lemon 🍋 and honey 🍯 

I have observed few of us still believe that consuming lemon and honey early in the morning helps in weight loss or fat loss .

But this isn’t true 🛑 

Weight loss works on a simple principle  calories in Vs calories out so basically it doesn’t matter if you take lemon or honey you won’t lose any weight until you be on caloric deficit !! ✅ 

Hot water 💦 

Similiarly, few of us think that hot water burns calories in our body so we prefer drinking hot water and not cold water when trying to lose weight . First of all water is “0” in calories so drinking hot or cold will not cause any gain in weight and in the same time it won’t help you to reduce weight either . 

But yes you should always have sufficient water it helps you to keep fuller !! 😃

Vegetable juice 🥦

When you are on a weight loss plan people have been drinking vegetable juice to lose weight . But why ? 

Vegetable does not burn calories!! Yes it might help you keep you fuller so that you don’t feel hungry over and over but doesn’t mean you just have to eat vegetables and miss on the other macro nutritients ( carbs Protein and fats)

So basic motive of this post is to think logically that eating or neglecting any  specific food would not lead to weight loss . Your overall diet has be in caloric deficit . 

I hope this was helpful . 

Thanks for reading !!