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Intuitive Eating: Who Can and Who Shouldn’t?

Sheikh Nadir Siddiquee
Sheikh Nadir Siddiquee

Intuitive eating is not a type of Diet. It is eating as per your own wish without any guilt respecting fullness and enjoying the meal.

Who can do it?

- If you have been dieting for years
- If you are closer to your Goal Physique
- If you have a basic knowledge of Nutrition to determine the Caloric value and macro distribution of a particular meal
- If you realize the difference between internal fullness and emotional fullness
- If you can adjust mindful quantities to achieve your goals 
- If you can watch your protein intake in every meal

Who shouldn’t do it?

- If you are a Binge or emotional eater
- If you do not have an idea of the nutritional profile of a meal
- If you do not understand the Basics of Nutrition
- If you are preparing for some Contest or Photoshoot
- If you are not very active
- If you are too bad at guessing Calories of a food item
- If you are too impatient about your Goals

Note: You need to build a healthy relationship with Food. Start with studying what you usually eat. Know that Protein and Carbs yield 4 Calories per gm and Fat yields 9 Calories per gm.