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Do you think being Fit is expensive?

Shobith K Menon
Shobith K Menon
🥚I have heard people saying to me that Being fit is expensive and that is the reason they aren't fit . To be honest I have never felt a great difference when I was unhealthy and spending food in junk was quite similar or I would say more than when I started following a fitness life style .

🥚It actually comes with a reasonable and much affordable price.Hmmmm for eg : if you go out to eat or eat something utterly junk it might cost you around 200 - 300 Rs/ a day so if you choose healthy lifestyle and prefer food which you can cook at home it will cost you around 100-200 rs a day .

🥚I started the same way with this when I was in college and was able to easily manage within 100-150 Rs a day .

🥚People also say that "PROTEIN" is expensive and I agree to that but can't you manage protein from food and rather spending money on supplements .Supplements aren't necessary to be fit they are suppose to be used only if you are unable to get them from food .

🥚Here is the list of the foods which are rich in protein with their approximate price so that people get an Idea that how much it exactly cost to follow a fit lifestyle.

Eggs  - Rs 3.5 - 4.5/ per piece

Chicken - Rs 30-35/ 100 gms 

Soyabean- Rs 20-25 / 100 gms

Paneer - Rs 35-40/ 100 gms 

Chanas- Rs 10 -15 / 100 gms

Cheese - Rs 40 - 45 /100 gms 

If in case you are looking for a whey supplement then prefer a unflavoured one that  should cost you around Rs 1000-1200 / 1  kg.

I hope this was useful !!

So its not expensive if you compare so think about it and may be its a good time to start.

Will be back with another post soon .

Thank you and have a great day ahead!!