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12 weeks Transformation and 6 pack abs

"Can I be fit in 3 months period"

This is a common question many people have asked me till now and I am sure this is a doubt most of the people have in their mind when they start their journey with a mentor. I thought of writing a detailed answer for this, so it clear your doubts on many levels and this is specifically for someone who is a complete beginner and has started following a routine recently. The answer is "No, you can't be fit in 3 months period" But why? 1. Fitness is not a 5-day job that you are looking for, it's a routine that you need to follow 24*7 2. Its a lifestyle change and not a hobby 3. You have been following a certain kind of a routine from last 20-30 years. Have a set pattern of eating habits and work schedule. How can you expect that pattern to change completely in just 12 weeks period? 4. Did you gain that much weight or fat within the last 12 weeks, so why do you expect to lose that much in the next 12 weeks? 5. Who said that abs are the only way to judge a fit person? Is it the only parameter that defines your fitness? So stop looking for that in 12 weeks period So how do 12 weeks actually help you? 1. It helps you in adopting healthy habits that will eventually lead to a healthy lifestyle 2. 12 weeks shows you some intermediate results that keep you motivated for future adherence 3. It actually helps you to break the mental barrier or initial resistance and push you towards more structured eating habits 4. You understand the basics of nutrition, quantified diet and importance of resistance training 5. Lastly, you grow as an informed person who knows how these healthy habits will help your future self in the long term Next time if you have this question in your mind, always remember one thing - a child never starts running on day 1, it takes months and years of practice with multiple falls and injuries before he actually stands on his feet. Be like a child, focus on your baby steps and enjoy the process. Don't rush for immediate results, because Every Decision Matters!! Have a safe Workout!! - Dr. Aakash Bansal #SharmaJiKaBeta #Fittr #Bettr #Smarttr

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