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Protein Bars

Utsav Agrawal
Utsav Agrawal
Protein bars - yes or no? 
There's a lot of confusion regarding protein bars - like are the perfect snack or worth the price or have an added advantage. Let's dig into it 

1. Comes very handy while traveling to complete protein requirement 
2. Can be a tasty, full of protein snack 
3. Can fulfill your sugar cravings
4. Better than regular chocolate bars in terms of macros composition and even fewer calories 


1. Expensive
2. Some protein bars are just full of sugar/carbs and even does not justify their name itself
3. Low satiety 
4. Whey protein is better than protein bars in terms of just completing protein requirement.

So it's up to after analyzing these pointers - you want to go for protein bars or not but if you do check the nutritional label carefully