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How to manage your diet when you are in a party ?

Shobith K Menon
Shobith K Menon
Hmm yeah this one of the main queries I keep on getting when you need to head out and cannot skip the food in the party since you are hungry and at the same you want to have fun . 
First of all I would like make it very clear that eating junk at the parties is not called having fun . You can have fun eating good food as well . 

So here are few tips I would like to share with you guys which I follow when I am at any party -

🎉 Don’t show up to the party on an empty stomach. 

🎉 Make sure your meal before the party contains fiber-rich ingredients like fruit, veggies, whole grains, nuts and seeds. 

🎉 Lean proteins will also help keep you feeling satisfied. If you’re worried there won’t be enough healthy options at the party, bring your own to share.

🎉 Perfect your portions

You may not be able to control what’s being served, but you can watch your portion sizes .

🎉 Stick to the one-plate rule at meals and buffets (or two small plates).

🎉 Once you fill up your plate, move away from the buffet.

🎉 Aim to get half that plate full of vegetables and fruit.

🎉 Focus on seasonal foods and special recipes instead of everyday options.

🎉 If you’re with a friend, share items you want to taste instead of taking a full portion.

🎉 Stay hydrated and have zeros calorie drink like lemonade so that avoid cocktails or any other calorie loaded drinks . 

So no more excuses when go on a party and messing up your diet . 

You can always take care of it just need be a bit smart . 

You have come this far so you cannot just give up because of a party . 

I hope it helped you a guys a bit . 

Thanks for reading !! 

Enjoy the Sunday 😀💪🏽