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10 Step Startup Plan For Your Postpartum Journey!

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Hey hi brand new mommy dearest. Many many congratulations!

Postpartum weight loss can be a touchy subject. But, like many women, losing weight after having a baby is a high priority of mine too in a few months. I want you to take the following points in serious consideration when planning your diet and workout: 1. Timeline- There is none! I know many moms are eager to drop the weight fast. However, it’s important to give your body time to heal and recover. But, most importantly, long-lasting weight loss takes a long time! Any quick fix will always backfire and you’ll gain the weight back and then some. Trust me on this. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but it’s the truth. 2. Find your sleep first. Join hands with your baby’s sleeping hours and get your optimum rest through the day or night or intermittently. Sleep plays a very important role in weight loss. 3. Choosing a calorie intake: Do not eat at a very low calorie or to be precise below your BMR + ~300 to 500 kcal. (Oh yes don’t roll your eyes at 500. A new mother feeds almost all the time). Why?? Because mommy you are the kitchen for your child for now. And it is going to be like that for another few months/a full year. Depending upon how many times you feed your bubble of love will determine how many extra calories will you start with. No calculator in the work can determine these calories for you but they are all the more important. This is not the time to create that large deficit. Trust me momma all the breast feeding/pumping, running round the clock after a new born, those sleepless nights will actually drain you up like nothing else. And amidst this if you chose a calorie intake that you think is ok I NEED TO NEED TO NEED TO LOSE FAT! That would only be desperation and not a realistic sustainable step. It’s important to note that You maintain the number of times you are nursing and pumping so that your milk supply would not take a hit when You start dieting. So starting at your maintenance to begin with is ideal if you ask me. Why? Because it puts you in the habit of quantifying and eating. Also builds on your adherence and does not let you compromise on the energy output that you need for the BabyB and his all time nursing/caring/cuddling demands. 4. Make a realistic plan you can stick to. Reality can be different for every mother! Make a plan and stay committed to it. Do not decide to eat Paleo or go low-carb or low-fat, but chose a diet you can live with for 6 months. Additionally, decide on an exercise plan that is realistic for your schedule. Do not get so eager to lose weight that you sign up for an unrealistic plan for you. Start small. - get resistance bands and adjustable dumbbells. Except for working on your core begin all other movements but keep them seated and supported. Take expert advice if you need help with this or handholding with your diet. 5. Incorporate NEAT What do you do instead of cardio? Get your steps in, of course! When you begin with your diet, aim to get over 7,000 steps. After a few weeks, bump that up and aim to get over 8,000 steps. Continue to bump up gradually your NEAT goals as you progress. This is key! Moving all day is better than only putting in 35-60 min of workouts. 6. See a pelvic floor physiotherapist and get a green signal on your pelvic floor health post birth. And also your abdominal muscle separation (diastasis recti) this will help you to get a clarity on beginning core strengthening and when to begin it. We get scared with that mommy pouch and loose skin. All we want to do is crunch it out and think that crunches will put it all back in. Give it time. It will take more than crunches to get it sorted mommy. 7. Learn the difference between fat loss and weight loss. Don’t run after that number “when I got married Manvit I was 50 kilos only” “Manvit when I conceived I was 60 kilos and on the day of delivery I was 90!!” “ I want to get back to my Pre pregnancy weight asap!” Nope momma that’s not happening. You do not get to set the pace. You just have to understand that the scale might be or might not be the same. It’s how you appear , how much fat you lose and how much muscle mass you hold determines your journey ahead. Weight loss and fat loss are very different things and it’s important to know the difference! While most people say they want to lose “weight”, they actually probably want to lose “fat”. This is a very difficult thing to do and you can only achieve fat loss through a caloric deficit (yada yada I have read this a zillion times on the group but yeah seems to hold true!!) whether that is through manual calorie burn (exercise and NEAT) or eating less calories (the deficit we talk about) When you lose “weight”, you lose muscle mass in addition to fat. This is not good! You don’t want to lose muscle, you want to lose fat. You’ll want to retain your muscle mass during a diet so your metabolism, your ability to perform your daily tasks like cleaning, cooking, running after a growing baby 24*7 doesn’t completely tank. 8. Try to avoid trigger food For me it is chips for you it might be something sweet. What is trigger foods? Foods that you cannot stop eating at one bite one piece! Clean your kitchen and keep these away. Having these foods available within your reach might make you take the easy road when you are exhausted from mommy-duties. Many a times young mother tell me how difficult it is for them to cook a meal or eat in peace. Most of the time they simply grab this and that and eat it and of course the guilt follows. Only if these things were out site they would definitely be out of mind. 9. Lift weight and progressively overload them. Mommy, when you begin your postpartum journey remember you have been lifting your growing bub for 40 full weeks. When I think of my week 27 to 35th and onwards all I feel is the pain and pressure in my pelvic region due to the growing weight of my BabyB. So my point is when you did not shy from lifting BabyB for 9 full months and even after that while you cook, clean, move around you are carrying your baby! Then why should you shy away from lifting now? Lift light to moderate and slowly as you grow stronger progressively overload. Ladies, progressive overload is key. I saw insane body composition changes when I really started to push myself by increasing the weights! I started tracking my weight and reps in a tracking app/ journal. This keeps me motivated too to see how strong I have become over a period of time. 10. Just Get Back On Track After a Indulgence (and Don’t Beat Yourself Up) This is a huge one. So many people just throw up their arms and give up after they fall off the wagon. This is easy to do! It’s ok. You might have good and bad days on this journey momma. It’s not easy to be a mother and also give yourself priority. If you have a bad day put it behind. Walk forward with new determination. Your comment/ a query on the group here itself is asking for help and you shall receive ample of it. Keep us posted with your journey. We love hearing you out and helping you on every stage. . ❤️🤗


well penned. i want to lose my postpregnancy my baby is 6 month old.i am doing some cardio,stretching and 5 time surya namashkar..but i felt my low endurance during workout and i am also doing dieting i.e no junkies and a portion control diet. i want to ask u that how to lose my belly fat it is stubborn.

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